1. The MassChroQ user manual contains information about installing and using MassChroQ, together with a detailed explanation of the algorithms it uses pdf
  2. A FAQ is available here.
  3. The manpage.
  4. The latest masschroqML (MassChroQ's input/output XML file format) version 2.2 schema is available here.

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Academic Publications

Valot B, Langella O, Nano E, Zivy M. (2011) MassChroQ: a versatile tool for mass spectrometry quantification. Proteomics, 17 (11) 3572-3577

The data analyzed in this paper are available in this archive.

Conference talks and posters

  1. MassChroQ : logiciel de quantification par spectrométrie de masse, slides of a talk given at Rencontres bioinformaticiens et statisticiens de l'INRA in march 2011. [pdf in french]
  2. MassChroQ: a complete tool for mass spectrometry-based proteomic quantification, a poster presented at the Final COST Meeting(EUPP) 2011 and at the SMAP 2011 congress. [pdf]