PROTEOmics of gut microbial communities in CARdiometabolic diseases

Catherine Juste, Micalis, INRA, jouy en josas,


A new bacterial communication mechanism inducing a growth inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes dependent cell contact

Marie-France Pilet, SECALIM, INRA, Nantes,


Diversity and interactions in yeast in order to Enhance and Improve wines

Warren Albertin, Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, Bordeaux,


Manifestations of heterosis in maize at the germination stage

Julie Fievet UMR Génétique quantitative et Evolution - le Moulon
Loïc Rajjou Institut Jean Pierre Bourgin, INRA Versailles,

Projet incitatif AgroParisTech HeteroSeed, 2014-2015

Quantitative Proteomics of Tomato Fruit

Mark Hooks, Biologie du fruit et pathologie, INRA, Bordeaux,


Regulation of photorespiration by protein phosphorylation

Mickael Hodge, IBP,


Study of the variability of the biochemical composition of the grain between early and late varieties of millet (Pennisetum glaucum)

Thierry Robert, Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution, Université Paris-Sud XI, Orsay,


Role of AUTOphagy in plant ADAPTation to limitations nitrate or sulfate in their environment

Céline Masclaux-Daubresse, Institut Jean Pierre Bourgin, INRA Versailles,

ANR autoadapt, 2013-2015

Extracellular substances for betons

Françoise Feugeas, INSA Strasbourg,

ANR Durable Chemistry – Industry – Innovation (CDII) Sepolbe, 2012-2015

Gestion of massive data in proteomics

IbiSA, 2012-2013

Integrated approach of the secretion pathways in mammary epithelial cell: adaptation to milk fat.

Patrice Martin, GABI, INRA, Jouy,

Non thematic ANR MilkChEST, 2012-2015

Integration of meta-omics datasets in the context of human obesity

Catherine Juste, MICALIS, INRA, Jouy,

Metaprogramme INRA MEM (meta-omics of microbial ecosystems) ObOmics, 2012-2014

Meta-peptide microbial signatures in human saliva

Véronique Monnet, MICALIS, INRA, Jouy,

Metaprogramme INRA MEM (meta-omics of microbial ecosystems) SalivMetaPep, 2012-2013

Sunflower genetic resources for the improvement of the oil production stability under hydric constraint

Patrick Vincourt, INRA Toulouse,

Investment for future Sunrise, 2012-2020

The TOR signaling pathway and the translation in plants

C Robaglia, CNRS Marseille,

Non thematic ANR Translator, 2012-2015

Maize: an integrated approach from genomics to selection

A. Charcosset, UMRGV,

Investment for future Amaizing, 2011-2019

Phosphoproteomes of necrotrophe fungi

S Fillinger, INRA Versailles,

AIP INRA Bioresources NecroPhos, 2011-2012

Phosphoproteomics and control of foliar respiratory and nitrogen metabolisms

Guillaume Tcherkez, IBP,

Project IFR, 2011

Symbiosome proteomics in Sinorhizobium/Medicago

B Gourion, ISV,

Project IFR, 2011

Development and commercialisation of a 2nd generation bioethanol production process

Jean Taieb,

OSEO Futurol, 2010-2012

Glycosylation of proteins in a pathogen bacterium

S. Dramsi, Institut Pasteur,

Non thematic ANR GlycoPATH, 2010-2013

Metaproteomics of the digestive tract microbiota

C. Juste, MICALIS, INRA, Jouy,

Private company (Danone), 2010

Activated anaerobic digestion

J.J. Godon, INRA Narbonne,

ANR Bioénergies DANAC, 2009-2012

Cartilage maturation and osteochondrose in horse

Laurent Schibler, INRA Jouy,

ANR Genomics Biocart2, 2009-2012

Drought tolerance in maize

F. Tardieu, Montpellier,

ANR Genomics Dromadair, 2009-2012

Heterosys analysis in yeast

D. de Vienne, UMRGV,

ANR ALIA Heterosyeast, 2009-2012

Non-antibiotic anti pathogen bacteria strategies

Y. Le Loir, UMR STLO, INRA, Rennes,

ANR ALIA NABAB, 2009-2012

Phosphorylation in Listeria monocytogenes and virulence

J. Deutscher, MICALIS,

Non thematic ANR LIMOPHOSPROT, 2009-2013

Role of phosphorylation in genetic regulations in Listeria

J. Deutscher,, I., Mijakovic, UMR 1238 Microbiologie et Génétique Moléculaire, Grignon,


Identification of protein complexes in Bacillus subtilis

Identification of proteins integrated in complexes in Bacillus subtilis. Measurement of the stoechiometric evolution of the components.

O. Delumeau, F. Lecointe, P. Noirot, Unité de Génétique Microbienne, INRA, Jouy en Josas,

European project BASYSBIO, 2007-2010

Origin of the variability of bacterial endospore properties and consequences on their survival and growth in the food chain

F. Carlin, SQPOV, INRA, Avignon,

ANR-07-PNRA-027 Memospore, 2007-2010

Spore protein identification in Bacillus

Identification of bacterial spore proteins specific of spore forming conditions.

F. Carlin, V. Broussolle, UMR A408 Qualité et sécurité des aliments d'origine végétale, Avignon,

project ANR Mémospore, 2007-2010

Identification of proteins from complex bacterial ecosystems (metaproteomics)

Coll T. Bouchez, JJ Pernelle, Hydrosystems and Bioprocesses research unit, Anthony, CEMAGREF pour les ecosystèmes utilisés en dépollution, and Coll C. Juste, J. Doré, Unité d’Ecologie et de Physiologie du Tube Digestif pour les écosystèmes du tube digestif humain.

Analysis of specific post-translational modifications

Detection of a specific modification leading to the production of an aldheyde group necessary for the activity of a sulfatase. Study of the cyclisation observed in a bacterial signaling peptide.

O. Berteau, Unité Ecologie et Physiologie du Tube Digestif, INRA , Jouy en Josas,