The pricing of LC-MS/MS analysis for simple samples depends on the technology used.

Simple sample (only for spots of 2-D electrophoresis) 33€
for spots of 2-D electrophoresis with denovo research 44€
Orbitrap analysis and bands from 1-DE gels 66€
Shotgun analysis or short SDS migration (HPLC gradient less than 2h) 110€
Complete analysis of a lane of SDS-PAGE 66€ per band for the first 5 bands, 33€ per additional bands
Shotgun analysis using long gradient (more than 2h) or analysis on Orbitrap Lumos 220€

Short runs are used for protein identification from samples of low complexity (ex : spots from 2-DE gels). Long runs are used for more complex samples (ex : bands from 1-DE gels, SDS-PAGE or BN-PAGE) or for the analysis of post-translational modifications.

Quantitative analysis : please contact us (collaborative projects)

For phosphoproteomics, prices depend on the number of fractions and on the use of isotope labeling. Please contact us for a quotation.

These tariffs are for public laboratories. Private laboratories are requested to contact us for a quote setting.


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