Rules of access

  1. Contact one of the engineers on the Jouy or Moulon sites : Lydie Correia, Céline Henry, Melisande Blein-Nicolas ou Michel Zivy
  2. Fill in the analysis demand form that will be sent to you by mail.
  3. Follow the recommendations to prepare and send your samples
  4. For samples coming from gels, provide imperatively an image of the gels with annotated spots and an excel file containing the list of spots with isoelectric points and apparent molecular masses observed on gel.
  5. Once the analyses realized, send a purchase order: tariffs and addresses


In the case of simple mixtures analysis (gels 2DE for example) coming from species with complete protein or ESTs databases, the platform proposes to interested people to process their LC-MS/MS data. This training can be offered on both sites of the platform and useful bioinformatics tools will be made available.

After a half day training, people will be able to process 96 samples in 2-3 days.